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You must have pondered over what suits your home more: the traditional or the modern look. If you’ve already considered a modern design for your home, read on. If you haven’t, do consider reading these tips and ideas that can help give your home a modern interior.

Style, steel and other metals

It’s true! Metal is hot. In-trend actually. Metallic lamps, lights, and accessories can liven your living room. The right usage and placement add a touch of glam. Of course, the shine that metals are known for is a given.

Mismatch, the latest catch

For your living room or kitchen, a mashup of colours and other elements of design can do wonders. Picture a pale white or beige sofa set against a dull background in your living room, add a bright cushion or wallpaper and the entire picture changes. The same can be tried for the kitchen sink by trying colours like aqua blue or green to complement the kitchen furniture in a subtle way.

LED the way. All the way

LED lighting is a smart way forward. As you read this, more and more homes have chosen it for lighting and decor purposes. Efficient and at the same time elegant looks, is what you get for choosing it.

More than just a bathroom

Current day bathrooms are seeing a shift to a more simple and clean look. Bid goodbye to the clutter in your bathroom and introduce items like flowers, scented candles and other elegant decorative items. And give the bathroom a touch of luxury.

Mirror mirror

Bedroom, dressing room, or living room, give them the advantage of stylish mirrors. Square, rectangle and circle shapes are a big no, instead multiple frames or even haphazard shapes will do. Also, you can try mirrors in shapes like a puzzle piece, hand fan or leaves.

Tech-free. Yes Tech-free

The headline may not seem contemporary or modern. Agreed. But you too will agree it is the need of the hour. Design a room with no plug points and no entry for mobile or any other similar gadget. Complete disconnect. This room can then become your reading, meditation, yoga or any other leisure activity room. You can also enjoy quality family time here. Think about it.

Time to experiment

While you are planning to design or redesign your home interiors, it’s recommended you take some bold steps. Anything out of the ordinary will do. Slide in place of stairs. Hammock or swing set a table in your living room. Or something as simple as writings on the wall.

So if you too wish to give your home’s interior a modern look, get in touch with us, we are one of the best modern interior designers in Bangalore.

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