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Floors and walls act as a canvas for the interiors of your home. Both of them have seen a rapid transformation in terms of design, colour, and trend. Today, flooring is not just about completing the interior design, it’s also about complementing it.

Here’s a list of the popular choices of selected for you when deciding on which type of flooring will best suit your home’s interior. Of course, an expert in home interior design should be consulted before selecting one. Till then, you can treat the following as your introduction to modern flooring tends.

The natural wonder: Marble

A long-term player, Marble is porous and relatively easy to maintain. With a durability of up to 25 years, this flooring option is surely more than just a status symbol. Known for its luxurious nature, marble can paint your floor with elegance all over.

Tiles, the versatile choice

Tiles were earlier used only for decorative purposes. Today, their popularity has grown manifold. Over time, with new technologies tiles have seen a major transformation in terms of appearance and usage. Initially used in their 12X12 inch form, tiles today are inching closer and closer to being the most popular choice of flooring.

Hardwood for good

Hardwood flooring is an innate statement of royalty. Durability is something that comes beautifully to this form of flooring. This flooring is now seen in kitchen and family rooms. Hardwood comes in varieties like Cherry, Walnut, Chestnut, Maple, and Pine to name a few.

Laminate: twice as nice

Currently rocking the home floors is wooden Laminate flooring. While it gives the elegant look of hardwood flooring, it comes with the easy installation advantage of tiles as well. Easily the most recommended type of flooring, this is currently dominating modern home interiors.

Other flooring choices

Besides the above go-to flooring choices, there are many other options that are being sought after for home interiors. They include:

Hope the above acted a good introduction to modern flooring options, for you. For complete interior design solutions do get in touch with us.

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